Install dual boot ubuntu 18.04 Bionic on Windows 10

Before we install, we should to first knowing what is linux

What is LINUX?
Linux is an Operating System (OS), same as Windows. Linux is an OPENSOURCE operating system, meaning linux can be seen the source code, modified, and developed by anyone. The Linux principle stems from the process of developing UNIX which is a free implementation of POSIX, multi-tasking, vitual memory, shared libraries, demand loading, proper memory management, and multiple users. Linux was originally created by a Finnish student named Linus Torvalds. Linux was a hobby project inspired by Minix, a small UNIX system developed by Andrew Tanenbaum. Linux version 0.01 was done around August 1991. Then on October 5, 1991, Linus announced the official version of Linux, which is version 0.02 which can only run the bash shell (GNU Bourne Again Shell) dangcc (GNU C Compiler).

What is UBUNTU?
Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian and distributed as free software.
Ubuntu is offered in three official editions:

  • Ubuntu Desktop for personal computers
  • Ubuntu Server for servers and cloud computing
  • Ubuntu Core (for “IoT”, device and Robot)

A new version of Ubuntu with standard support is released every seven months, while the long-term support version (LTS) is released every two years.
The latest Ubuntu release with standard support is 18.10 (Cosmic Cuttlefish) while the LTS version is 18.04 (Bionic Beaver), which has an additional support period of up to 10 years, unlike other LTS versions that have support for up to five years.
The name Ubuntu comes from a philosophy from South Africa which means “humanity to others.” The Ubuntu project is officially sponsored by Canonical Ltd. which is a company owned by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth. The purpose of the Ubuntu Linux distribution is to bring the spirit embodied in the Ubuntu philosophy into the software world. Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available, and has support from both the community and professional experts.

Bagan Linux

First step
Create a new partition for operating the linux system that will be installed, open the computer management in Windows 10, then shrink the space, you can do it in local C or Local D

check your format type hdd

Second Step
Create ubuntu bootable on a flashdisk as an installation media.
please download the tool here, and then download ubuntu 18.04 here
Let you create your bootable!

Third step

Boot your PC through a flashdisk, select install ubuntu

Linux partitioning between swap and root

What is Swap?
Swap is a space on the hard disk that is used as virtual memory space that is used when the computer / laptop needs more memory. In the sense of partitioning with this swap file system works as a backup, if the RAM used is full. So simply, this swap will give help if the RAM we run out of free space.
ideal size for swap?
recommended swap size is double the RAM size


follow the installation instructions to complete


if the installation is complete, open your terminal then enter the update command

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade